January 2020 – Church Gresley Indoor Bowling Centre – Spot The Difference – the bowling surface hasn’t been relaid- but the lighting has definitely been upgraded!

We recently replaced 128 fluorescent 6′ (154w) battens with 128 LED 5′ (73w) battens. Lighting levels have greatly  improved (as pictured above), with the sports halls a noticeably brighter environment.

The new ‘daylight’ lighting increases average lighting levels to over 400lux (in line with Sports GB recommendations). An additional benefit is that energy consumption has been reduced by 50%!

LED sports hall floodlights January 2019 


LED sports floodlights – see the effect of LED Super-efficient Sports Centre Lighting.
The image above has not been ‘photo-shopped’ and the walls have not been re-painted! Can you also believe that electricity consumption has been cut by 75%?

High efficiency 100w LED lighting can replace 400w HID

If you’re running 20 standard 400w HID lights for 16 hours per day, 365 days per year you could put an extra £4300 in the Sports Centre coffers. You’ll have your money back in 14 months and an extra £4000 towards other sports equipment every year for the life of the lamps!

Poor lighting in sports halls often leads to complaints of poor visibility at a distance; make tracking the path of a shuttlecock or cricket ball more difficult than it should be. LED sports floodlights are the answer.

Many leisure centres and sports halls are moving away from yellowy High Intensity Discharge lighting; not least because of their reliability-  it can cost £200 a day to hire a cherry picker to change high-level lighting (and staff need to be IPAF certified to work at height). The reliability of our LED sports floodlights means they are truly fit-and-forget with a 5-year warranty – add to this a minimum 75% saving on electricity and the decision to change is really easy!


This is the view from 8 metres up and halfway through the project; 8 lamps changed to LED on the left-hand side of the Sports Hall. These corrosion-resistant LED sports floodlights are ideal for swimming pools, spa areas and outside sports zones.

The VFlood range:

  • Sports impact resistance
  • Choice of power outputs
  • IP65-rated
  • Qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance
  • 5-year warranty

The ultra-tough, high powered range of VFlood floodlights have been designed to illuminate large sports  spaces (indoors or out) whilst being extremely energy efficient and waterproof. Using only the best LEDs and power supplies, they have an extremely long life and will naturally reduce maintenance costs.

Case Study, West Park Leisure Centre Sports Hall
As shown above, VFlood LED sports floodlights clearly make the Sports Hall far brighter (showing the lighting difference at the halfway stage of the project). Closing the hall until 19:00 in the evening, we replaced 20 x 400w  HID’s with 20 x 100w LED sports floodlights and achieved a huge improvement in lux levels. Shuttlecocks can be picked out more clearly across the net and from the back of the four courts.
Aerobics, dance, 5-a-side and many other clubs are enjoying this hugely improved lighting, and the council-owned sports centre is benefiting from greatly reduced energy bills and not having to worry about costly maintenance of replacement bulbs.