Over 50 years in Electrical Engineering

LER Ltd were established in 1965 as Long Eaton Rewinds- Electro/Mechanical Engineers & Motor Rewinders. For more than 50 years our success has been built on our ability to provide a wide range of Electrical/Mechanical services to a wide variety of industries.  Through our continued investment in people and equipment, we have continued to expand our services to provide our clients with a solid engineering approach to their challenges.
Our team of skilled engineers can help you to react to an unforeseen plant breakdown, install new electro-mechanical equipment or provide professional maintenance services. Call us today.
Preventing engineering failures. We employ the latest techniques to identify potential failures in plant and equipment including Thermography, Laser Alignment and Machine Analysis technology. Combined with over 50 years’ experience and expertise, these techniques identify areas of electrical and mechanical risk which threaten the smooth running of your plant and equipment.
Since 2014 we have offered design, supply and installation of LED lighting with our newest division, LER:LED. We provide fully costed proposals setting out how we can help you to reduce your energy bills, maintenance costs and carbon emissions.

Quality: We only supply quality lights. We know that the top manufacturers invest huge amounts of money in product R&D before mass producing their lights. Their R&D is also backed by years of knowledge and experience in the industry allowing them to manufacture lights that can last their designed lifetime with the least amount of degradation.
Experience: We have found issues with low quality LED lights mainly due to a lack of product engineering and the need to reduce costs of components.

A selection of our current clients:-

Case study : British Gypsum

British Gypsum Head Office, East Leake

Lighting fitted:
200 x 24w LED 5’ Tubes

British Gypsum need light – and lots of it. Working underground in tunnels stretching out for many miles, they need a substantial amount of reliable lighting to be able to extract the gypsum safely and efficiently.

In 2014 LER:LED were asked to come up with a cost-effective solution to their lighting requirements.

Fluorescent tubes would have been a low-cost option. But with our robust LED tubes lasting around five times longer than equivalent fluorescents, they save significant labour costs in not having to replace around 42 fluorescent tubes every 12 months.

Electricity demand
200 x 58 watt 5’ Fluorescent T8 tubes:                                  101,161kW
Estimated electricity charges @ 10p/kWh:                            £10,161             per year

200 x 24 watt High Efficiency LED tubes:                             42,050kW
Estimated electricity charges @ 10p/kWh:                            £4,205              per year

Total electricity savings:                £5,956 per year
With annual savings in the region of £6,000 (not including the savings in constant ballast maintenance or tube replacement), it’s easy to see why an investment in quality LED tubes made commercial sense!